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Privacy Policy

There are instances of "we," "us," and "our" throughout this Privacy Statement. These terms refer to Intersektions Inc., the organization that interacts with you and processes your personal information. Intersektions Inc. is a corporation based in Canada. The address of our office is 7250 Keele Street Unit # 368, Concord, Ontario L4K 1Z8.

In the course of your interactions with us and use of this website, we will collect and process personal information about you. Personal information consists of any data that enables us to distinguish you as an individual, such as your full name, email address, or phone number.

We place a high value on the protection of personal information and diligently adhere to the principle of privacy. We place a high level of security on our clients' information, recognizing that they are the organization's vitality. Consequently, we shall utilize your personal information in adherence to all relevant legislation and regulations pertaining to privacy and data protection.

This Privacy Statement details the information we gather, the manner in which it is gathered, its intended use, the individuals or entities that may have access to it, and our approach to addressing inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your information.

The Data We Gather As an online retailer, the information you provide will predominantly pertain to your location, payment mechanism, and purchases. This consists of:

  • • Your honor;
  • • Your invoice and/or delivery address;
  • • E-mail address provided;
  • • A telephone number of you;
  • • Payment information, including credit card and debit card details;
  • • Information regarding purchases conducted with our organization;
  • • The specifics of any returns processed via our organization.

Additionally, as you navigate our website, we may gather information. This information may include mobile device identifiers, IP addresses, and browser types as well as details about the devices you use to access our website. Furthermore, information exchanged between you and via emails, letters, or other comparable forms of communication may be gathered by us.

During your interaction with our website, we may additionally gather data pertaining to the cookies you employ, your online activities, your geographical location, and the clicks you make on banner advertisements.

We do intend for minors to utilize our website. does not, as far as we are aware, collect information from minors younger than 18 years old. Please contact us if you are the parent or legal guardian of a child and believe that we have inadvertently gathered information about your child.

Information Collection Methods

We obtain virtually all of the information we require directly from you. You provide us with your address and payment mechanism, for instance, when you conduct a purchase via our website. Additionally, we may request further information from you in order to enhance our customer service.

Information may be gathered from you in a passive manner. This implies that data pertaining to your device or IP address is gathered via specific monitoring methodologies, such as flash cookies or similar technological systems employed during browsing. By utilizing these tools, we can identify new and returning customers, determine which websites referred you to, gather geographic or location data regarding the source from which you access our website, and personalize your experience with us.

Certain web browsers provide the capability to disable or manage cookies in other ways. The control over these is contingent upon the cookie in question. Despite configuring your device or computer to prevent cookies, not all tracking activities, including those outlined in this Privacy Policy, may cease. The same holds true for browser configurations. It is possible that lacks the capability to comply with browser requests to disable cookie monitoring.

How Your Information Is Employed

We obtain information from you in the course of conducting business. This section provides an explanation of the business and/or legal justifications for our collection in order to obtain your consent for its collection.

Contractual Responsibilities

We collect most of the data in accordance with the contractual arrangement between you and For instance, in the event that you make a purchase from us, we are bound by a contractual commitment to ensure the prompt delivery of said product. We require payment and fundamental location information in order to fulfill this obligation. Additionally, this information may be required to process a return, address a complaint or inquiry, or provide a response.

Commercial Purposes

Additionally, we employ your information for an array of business objectives. As an illustration, we might utilize your information to address your inquiries and grievances with the intention of enhancing our standard of customer support. Additional instances of how your information is utilized for business objectives are as follows:

  • • Communicate with you regarding products and services, encompassing exclusive promotions and reduced prices;
  • • Peruse your previous online transactions and browsing patterns to enable us to provide you with more relevant offers and information;
  • • Analyze customer feedback and other communications in order to develop and/or enhance our products and services;
  • • Maintain a record of returns and payments to thwart fraudulent activities;
  • • Respond to and/or address any allegations brought against us.

Legal Objectives

Additionally, we may use your information to fulfill our legal obligations. may, for instance, utilize collected information to comply with court orders and other proceedings of a similar nature.

We will retain your information for the bare minimum time required. That time will be contingent upon the reason or reasons for which the information is being utilized.

Who Else Might Access Your Data?

To better serve you, conducts commerce with a variety of third parties. These entities consist of product manufacturers, transportation corporations, as well as financial and credit card institutions. We reserve the right to disclose your information to these third parties in the course of providing you with our services. When we fulfill product orders, for instance, a shipping company may be utilized to deliver your items. This requires providing the shipping company with the required information to complete the delivery. The identical holds true in regards to enhancing our customer service and processing payments.

When we do disclose information to these third parties, it is strictly limited to the purposes for which we have contracted them. For instance, in the event that we disclose delivery details to a shipping company, said details may solely be utilized for the purpose of product delivery. No other marketing materials or promotions may be transmitted to the recipient.

Your information is not sold to third parties for their own marketing purposes, nor is it shared with them.

In addition, may disclose information to ensure legal compliance. Upon request and if we determine it to be necessary for legal compliance, we may disclose your information to a government agency or similar investigative body.

We will disclose your information to a third party in response to your written request so that we may assist in the resolution of a dispute.

Hyperlinks to External or Third-Party Websites

On occasion, links to websites beyond the control of may be provided. Potentially granted access are specific applications such as video viewers. You must familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions that govern these external websites, which include privacy and cookie policies.

We disclaim any liability and responsibility for any complications that may ensue as a result of the utilization of your data or personal information by a third party.